About us


Bright World has been established as a local leader in the following areas: organizing events, organizing exhibitions, conferences and communication strategies Public relations and advertising.
The Foundation was founded in early 2009 and took the place of the city of Jeddah where the Red Sea bride The leading city of events and conferences.

It has organized many successful events in the Middle East over the past years. Thanks to God and then thanks to its team and profes- sional management that extend their experience for decades in var- ious fields.


We have a team dedicated to work and have great experience, working in accordance with the core values of the enterprise which is in creativity, quality, credibility, speed and value added. different and professional way.

Our Mission

We are a national institution committed to providing the highest quality ideas in: organizing exhibitions, conferences and events, managing events and public relations, managing cultural programs and working evenings.

Our Vision

To become the first in what we do and spread creativity in everything we touch in a different and professional way.